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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Breakfast on a Hill

Last week while hanging around at the folks house my mother in-law made some Chappell Hill Smoked Garlic Sausage. They smelled pretty good but who doesn't love the smell of sausage frying in a pan. I really try not to be greedy and wear out my welcome at the folks house but my in-laws can cook(my father in law makes to die for cheesy garlic biscuits) so I waited what I felt was an appropriate amount of time let them make their plates then I headed to the kitchen.
Jo had fried up  not just sausage but Chappell Hill Smoked Garlic Sausage. I don't know if these are new or if my late. Ive had Chappell Hill just not the garlic variety. Let me say that 1st bite was pure heaven. It made me close my eyes and I swear I could hear a chorus of angels singing its praise. Then I quickly shoveled in 3 more pieces.  The garlic pepper goodness should be experienced by all. We went to HEB the next day and stocked up on them.  
This morning my darling husband added them to my breakfast. He's a really great cook but he shines at breakfast. Not the best picture I know but trust me it was delicious.
*sidenote*Do you feel bad when you go to dinner or parties and people are busy talking but you want to eat? Do you try not to be the 1st person to line up to the buffet? This is always my dilemma I don't want to be know for reeking havoc on a dinner table.

Stay Hungry
Houston Hungry Girl

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eating With Style

For those of you who have never had the pleasure of my company at dinner let me tell you I'm a mess. I once had this guy I was dating tell me it was disturbing to see me eat(we didn't last long after that comment). But I will admit I'm a messy eater. I always drop things, I make noises if I really like it, and once rare occasions I have been know to lick a few fingers.  So it was a real treat when one day while musing about my latest meal with a group of friends. It was suggested that I write a food column for a magazine my friend worked for. She pitched it, the editor accepted it and I got writing.  My 1st story ran this week I hope you can check it out in Houston Style Magazine in stores everywhere or online at 

Thanks to the folks at Houston Style for giving me a chance. 
Love you Jo.

Its Good to be Hungry Houston 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Houston's Hungry Girl: A Vacation on my Plate

Houston's Hungry Girl: A Vacation on my Plate: I love to travel. I've been to a few places and have keep my passport up to date since get hooked on my 1st international trip to South Afri...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Vacation on my Plate

I love to travel. I've been to a few places and have keep my passport up to date since get hooked on my 1st international trip to South Africa. You just never know when an adventure will present itself and you have to be ready to roll.
Lately, I've been a citizen of the mommy-hood and less a child of the world. Lucky for me its Houston Restaurant Weeks and I booked a trip to Spain.
If you didn't know Houston Restaurant Weeks is a month long event that benefits the Houston Food Bank. Dinners get reasonably priced meals from of Houston most celebrated chefs and restaurants and the restaurants give a portion of the receipts to feed the needy. Its a win-win.
So I set up a little international stay-cation for me and wonderful husband minus two cute kids.

Tintos Spanish Restaurant took us to Spain for the afternoon.
Located on the edge of River Oak's on the corner of West Gray and Shepard. Never seen it. You might miss it. Its kinda hidden on the back of the River Oaks shopping strip. Away from the noise and crowds of the main strip. When cooler days eventually arrive it will be perfect place to meet friends and sip a pitcher of Sangria.
Tip: If you are with someone else who wants Sangria you really should just get the pitcher. 

After sipping on our tasty cocktails and really getting into the Spaniards frame of mind. We started with apps. I've been dreaming of the Manchego Cheese and Serrano  Ham all week.  It did not disappoint. It was accompanied by grapes, olives, nuts, and a block of preserved fruit I wasn't too sure about but it turned out to be quite yummy( found out from our server it was quince paste). That ham was truly amazing salty goodness.  The menu name of my appetizer was Plato de Manchego y Serrano Ham. I would call it salty sweet delight.
 Next Course: Paella  Valenciana:

Paella is one of the national dishes of Spain and Tintos does it right.  It is full of sausage,shrimp,fish,calamari, and topped with Mussels.  

Last Course: Warm Churros with Chocolate Sauce.
Kinda like a fried donut drizzled with caramel sauce with chocolate dipping sauce. The Churros and caramel sauce were good but my chocolate sauce was slightly burnt so I skipped it. 

So after paying a meager $60 for a quick trip to Spain we slipped out of Tintos and back into the Houston heat.  I would say the next time you need a little get away give them a try. 

Cost: $$
Attire: Casual (daytime) I would go casual chic for dinner
Perfect for dates and conversation but they do have live music during the week. 
Location: 2015 W. Gray @ Shepherd 
               Houston, Texas 77019
*Reservations: Not really required but a good idea especially at dinner. ( I used )
Parking: In this area is tricky but there is complementary valet at dinner per Open Table. (at lunch we were able to self park steps from the door.)

Bonus: They sell wines to go by the bottle. So if you find something you like you can get a bottle to go. \

Start planning your next stay-cation with Spain in mind. Check them out at:
They also:
Tweet @TintosSpanish 
Or you can just give them a call at 713-522-1330  

*Just so you know I paid for my own meal and have no relationship with anyone affiliated with this restaurant. 

Stay Relaxed and Hungry Houston

Houston's Hungry Girl

The Affair Is Over *Updated*

My summer love affair with McDonalds mango pineapple smoothie is over. I knew it was not good for me to begin with. Full of artificial fruit and additives. I won't go into details. I will tell you it involved me a drive-thru  and a baby roach. I had to send them a long and angry Dear John letter.

I received a call from the Micky to apologize and express his great sadness at the very unfortunate situation. It was greatly appreciated. My stomach is still not ready to fully reconcile.

Try to Stay Hungry.
Hungry Girl

Friday, August 19, 2011

My Friday Food Floop

I have nothing good to talk about in the way of food. I tried to visit some of my old faves but one thing or another keep me from getting the goods. It feels like we are living in Satan's living room here in Houston so the trucks are having heat related issues, propane issue, Houston traffic issues, etc.
I did have an AMAZING burger from Bernie's Burger Bus this week. It involved "PorkBelly" and was called study hall. It is only here for a limited time so check it out.
Our sitter cancelled so we had to make new arrangements on our dinner for Houston Restaurant Week but no fear our adult time date night is on for this Sat. We are going to a surprise party Saturday so maybe I will have some good food pictures and stories to share.
Here is the burger with porkbelly. Its is the business. 

Stay Hungry
Houston's Hungry Girl

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eating for the Cause...

Every year the Houston restaurant community gives back a portion of their profits to the Houston Food Bank. What was originally one week now goes on  the entire month of August. What does that mean for us. Well, it means you can get a gourmet meal for $20 at lunch and $35 at dinner at some of Houston best eateries.  I don't mean ok nice places. I mean places we drive drive by and can only imagine with wild creation their James Beard award winning chefs are creating. My educators salary generally doesn't allow for that kind of meal until a ultimate celebration.  Its the month foodies on a budget like myself wait for. Alright, lets face it, it is my Christmas. I can open restaurant after restaurant and get the gifts that keep on giving. Not just to me other people who cannot afford a decent meal.
So, please check out the website. Stroll the menus of the list of participants all over the city and surrounding areas.
I have my pick all lined up for my monthly date night meal. All I can say is Manchego Cheese! Yum-O!

Check out the site here:

You can even make reservations online.

Stay Hungry
Houston's Hungry Girl

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The lunch that almost killed me!

Okay, so its obviously clear I love, love , love a good food truck. Today I felt like I was in the lost foodie episode of the Twilight Zone.  Things just keep getting curiouser, and curiouser.
I'm at a "power" meeting at Houston Area Urban League and talk another young professional into going to enjoy my weekly food truck indulgence. 
1st I take the long way down Westheimer instead of hopping on the freeway.(sat afternoon=parking lot)
2nd I pass the place, park behind Bo Concept per directions and still almost get towed
3rd They were out of Shrimp (I always go for the Shrimp so disappointing)

How? What? Who does that? Where do they do that!

Oh so I'm hungry..Almost borderline starving. 

I'm chit chatting with my friend not really paying attention playing with our phones, talking pageants(she's a pageant girl), and gossiping.  Then it happened. A single bead of sweat rolled down my neck. Time check(15mins). Two more beads of sweat roll down my face. Time check (25mins). Guy walks up and says we are out of propane, huh? Then I was in a bad Charlie Brown episode because all I heard was 10 minutes Wonk Wonk Wonk Wonk...cold grease...wonk Wonk Wonk wonk...More Waiting...wonk wonk wonk...Its    hundred degrees..Wonk wonk wonk wonk...YOUR FOOD IS FREE...Back to your regular schedule program.
OK so what feels link 20-30mins later the food was ready....

This is not a bash post. I loved the Food. I'm still extra stuffed from it as I type as a matter of fact.  Like so stuffed I passed on a root beer float and its 3hours later.
So as I drive home I start seeing visions of French bread dance in my head. My stomach is crawling up to chock me and force me to open up the white butcher paper and take a bite of whatever is in the bag sitting in the seat next to me. I stopped at a red light and I tell you no lie my stomach demanded I open the paper and dig in. So amidst the symphony of honking horns (Gotta Love Houston) I took a little bite of fried goodness.
Would I say it was worth the wait(No but I thought I was dying,honest).Would I wait 15-20mins MAX, yes.
So, I'm sitting on the side of 59 in a food coma trying to resuscitate myself. Fight off my headache and not pass out from starvation and heat exposure.
OK, so what did I get: Spicy Sausage Po Boy  for me and Fried Catfish Po Boy for the husband both fully dressed. (Dressed=lettuce,tomato,pickles,mystery mayo sauce)
The sausage was thin sliced sort of breakfast patty style.
The catfish was well seasoned and fried just right.

No there are no pictures. I told you I was trying to revive myself. I gobbled it up like the wolf and little pig one and two. You know what a Po Boy looks like French Bread, fried goodness in the middle. It is important to note its larger than the usual suspects.

So where did this near death experience take place
Copper's Po-Boy's
Service: Good-would be great but I still feel a touch of heat stroke
Price- $6-9
twitter: PoBoy_Express
facebook: (plenty of pictures)

Bottom line except for the wait I liked it.

STAY HUNGRY Y'ALL(just don't fall out)
Hungry Girl

Food Truck Friday @ Bernie's Burger Bus with a Cupcake Surprise

This Friday the featured truck is: Bernie's Burger Bus. (They were down for various reasons but we are so glad to welcome them back)

This is not my 1st trip to Bernie's.  They are a favorite but Ive been trying to spread the love around. This Friday I was feeling like unsure about what to eat. A number of my faves were in the area but nothing was jumping out at me. A quick recheck of twitter put Bernie's in my radar and activated my memory taste buds.  So I hopped on  over to  Sugarbabies.
Bernie's was suppose to be at Inversion but they are have generator issues and the bake shop allows them to plug into their power(SWEET) its a pretty fair exchange. Most in line with me went from ordering burgers to getting a cupcake.Me too. It had a lot to do with the $1.50 cupcake offer for buying a burger.  Super Sweet. I was planning on  getting a cupcake but since I was getting 1/2 off I got two.

Let me not rush it. The Burgers:
They all have school related with names like
The Principal,The Substitute,Detention,Recess...

1st for my husband who eats everything-I ordered The Substitute
Grass fed Angus with the usual dressing joined by bacon,burgundy laced mushrooms, "tipsy" caramelized onion.  Yeah! A whole lot. Just the right amount of sloppiness. Good chewy bun that held up on the car ride home and absorbed the juices.

For myself I thought I would be cute and get a couple sliders "The Kindergartners"
Two mini applewood bacon and blue cheese burgers with "tipsy" onions. Not so cute more like a greedy girls idea of perfection were the fries. I was undecided when I got to the window and Dexter( friendly order taker in a cool pork pie hat) talked me into the "Extra Curricular Activities"(side of) Blue Cheese and Bacon Fries. Thank You sweet baby Jesus. No more info needed.
So after Dex got my order he slipped me a golden ticket. Actually the coupon he gave everybody for a discount cupcake. I know of Sugarbaby's but I am a die hard Dessert Gallery patron but hey a buck and half I would get something.
So I walked into the ultra girly confection shop. Its decor is Pepto pink with black and white accents.  The cupcakes look like they were crafted by Wille Wonka's kid sister(if he had one)
I was unmoved. You've seen one cupcake you've seen them all. 
But then, the heavens opens up and the angels began to sing again in 5mins. 
I saw this:
Three Broomsticks Butterbeer Cupcakes! What? 
If you love Harry Potter you know what this is all about. If you don't get the books and get reading. 
(FYI-Butterbeer is Wizard's food that warms the insides)
These cupcakes deserve the name. I was warmed inside out after the 1st bite. So good and here for a limited time. 
*I got my husband a Red Velvet cupcake he says it was the best he's had. I ate the chocolate cover cherry topper while he wasn't looking. 

I sat in the store and waited under 5-10mins and Bernie's delivered the burgers to me inside. 

So to sum it all up. 

Bernie's is  burger perfection. Never pass up the chance to get one. 
Find them roaming around town. OR
Twitter: @BerniesBurgers
Location: You have to track them down
Sugarbaby's is a good sweet treat with a friendly cute store
Cost : $3.25 per cupcake ( its avg. for Houston)

Find them at:3310 S.Shepherd between Richmond and Alabama (Close Sun&Mon)
Twitter: @sugarbabys

Happy Eating
Hungry Girl

Thursday, August 11, 2011

So much more at Beaucoup Bar and Grill...

Its no coincident that "beaucoup" means alot in French at Beaucoup Bar and Grill a whole lot of everything is what you get.  They have a New Orleans inspired menu that give you plenty of old favorites mixed in with surprising new treats.  I have been a fan of their wings since the original store on Elgin @ Scott. They have the normal wing flavor hot but then they kick it up a notch and offer more unique flavors. My personal favorite is Lemon Pepper. It has a sour/salty kick that once you eat one you just can't stop eating them. Truly addictive.   So on my recent visit this Sunday after church I picked up a few wings LemonPepper for me and Mild for my daughter. I also indulge in my other favorite menu item "THE CRAWFISH BREAD" . It deserves quotes like the title of a wonderful book. One you found in the stacks that turned out to be your all time favorite. I forgot to take a picture of it before dug in. I had actually consumed half 50% before it dawn on me take a picture (Some food blogger I am turning into).

It is heaven. The ultimate cheesy goodness experience.
My girlfriend Tiffany with me and I had to pull my fork on her to keep her off my plate. I had the Lemon Pepper wings but like I said I was 1/2 way through the meal when remembered to take a picture. Nobody wanted to see the bone yard that was my plate.
Other things to know
Happy hour is decent. 1/2 price wells. A really good margarita and great bartenders.
For non-drinkers the make fresh juice/lemonade blends that are 3 for $6 during happy hour
Location: Medical Center just past the intersection of Almeda on Old Spanish Trail.
The Feel: Casual
Cost: Reasonable

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love that Chicken.....

Love that chicken at....................... Frenchy's. More specific the Frenchy's on Scott between Wheeler and Blodgett. There are several others in the city but this location for die hard fans like myself is wings and thighs above the other locations. Any other location it loses something. I don't know if its the attitude(stank) of the girls at the register or the wait because they are out of wings but the food just taste better. However, the one on Main Street does have it perks namely DRINKS. They have a full bar and sometimes you just need a drink. The Scott location is part nostalgia for me so if you are close to another location they are good but there's something about eating on Scott that takes me back to the early 90s. I lived in walking distance all through college and spent many a Friday night Freshman year walking to indulge in the salty goodness not to mention the fries with red seasoning salt. They have plenty of creole other favorites on the menu. Gumbo,Po Boys, Dirty Rice, Collar Greens,Etouffee,and Red Beans and Rice. Its all good but I stick to the fries with red salt..

Today was purely a happy coincident registering people to vote in the upcoming elections (amazingly I think about more than just food all day I'm civic minded also).  So in this 100 degree weather I was trying to get more people registered all the while dreaming of get 5wings with fries and a Dr.Pepper. My standard order.
So after serving mankind and all that I got in the impossibly perpetual line and got a perfect fried box of this:
If you look close at the golden deliciousness you will see tiny black specks. Those specks of pepper are part of the goodness that is this chicken.  Nestled in the corner is a small order of fries. When I was dieting(I know profanity) I would dream of this chicken. When I fell or jumped off the diet wagon this chicken was the first thing I ate.  It was my only request for my baby shower and I want it served at any event I host. 
Check out Frenchy's anyone close but you really should go with the original.  The line, attitude, and lack  of parking only stand to enhance the experience. Go in expecting it and you will be fine.  On weekends they do 10 wings for $10 and I'm all about the wings so it works for me.  If you like to party all night they are open late on weekends. You will thank me later.

Find Them Here: 
Like Them Here:
Follow Them Here: @FrenchysChicken 

Happy Eating
Houston's Hungry Girl

Friday, August 5, 2011

In Celebration of Food Truck Friday

In celebration of the first Food Truck Fridays I had to write about what is quickly becoming an institution on the Friday night scene. The Houston Museum of Natural Science hosts a great event. Mixers & Elixirs. Music,Drinks,and Dinosaurs. Its a cool unique way to bring the young hip set into the HMNS. It was made even better with the addition of the food trucks out front this summer.
So, if you are look for where to hang with friends this Friday check out Mixers and Elixirs link here. <<<<<
They website list the upcoming DJs, trucks and cost.

Happy Eating
Houston Hungry Girl

New Foodie Holiday- FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY.

Did you ever wonder how holidays get started. Today, its mostly marketing and sales driven. I decided from a completely unselfish place. I'm not making anything from it and its a satisfying experience for all involved to make every Friday, Food Truck Friday!
What that this ingenious holiday involve? What are the traditions? What are the requirements? You're asking yourself. Well its simple:

1. You have to follow a new food truck on Facebook or Twitter
It really is the best way to keep up with these mobile food mavens.

2. Visit you new find 
If not them one of their friends(all the Houston Trucks are super friendly with each other)

3. Chow Down on something new.

4. Share the good news
Blog, Facebook and tweet about your new mobile treat.

5. Follow HTownFoodCrawl on Twitter 
They host the original Food Truck Friday event every 4th Friday. 
Its 4 trucks at one location. Cant beat it.  Check out the website for more details.

Too kick off the First Ever Celebration I would like to share my Friday Treat

Rolling Hunger(Sounds perfect for me)
They are a cross cultural Vietnamese/Korean American Tex-Mex mix of culinary delights. These guys are pushing a bright orange truck with blue flames. Putting out all kinds of taste bud tingling treats.
For lunch today I had the super tender short ribs and my honey-do had the Korean beef tacos with a side of herbed seasoned truffle fries. 
Lets start with my RIBS. I'm a rib fanatic fan and these did not disappoint. Well marinated with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on a bed of lettuce with a couple pieces of french bread. I personally would rather forgo the garnish and head straight for the meat but it was a pretty nice presentation. The bread soaked up some of the juice from the ribs which was a tasty side treat.

(notice the juicy goodness pooled in the back of the picture perfect for sopping up with the bread)

So my honey had the beef tacos topped with Korean slaw.
 (his words follow not mine).  
The tart fresh slaw balanced out the savory of the beef. (oh so posh, right?)

And last but certainly not least the Truffle Fries. It was a generous helping of potatoes covered in truffle oil and herbs and seasoning. They were the yummy surprise. Perfectly fried, nice and hot, and crispy.   Our daughter ending up eating the most stalking off with the basket completely ignoring her own carefully prepared well balanced lunch. Oh Well, the kid knows good food when she sees it. 
IF, you haven't already give Rolling Hunger a try (you better yeah I said better while rolling my eyes and neck in unison).  
The guys are super nice and always willing to please.  Most weekdays they are at Dirk's Coffee for lunch around 11-1ish and "rolling" for dinner but the website or twitter is updates with their location. The website has GPS so you can find them always.GPS. Too Cool.  I love technology....Anyway check these guys out tell them Hi for me and chow down on come good eats.

Check out their web page:

Find them on Twitter (they follow and will tweet you back)

Like them on Facebook

Stay Hunger and Happy Eating
Houston's Hungry Girl

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Street Eats!!!!

Anyone that knows me knows I love some good street food. Maybe, its the east coast girl in my or maybe the adventurer. But I love street meat. So when I check my tweets this morning and saw that one of m favorite food trucks Gastronomic Wonder on Wheels.
H-townstreats, was parks less than 5blocks from my house bet your last $$$ my lunch plans were just set.
H-townstreats is not your average food truck. They have an ever changing menu including dessert (if the brownie is on there order it TRUST ME). Today was no different. I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with none other than the pimped out "Shorty Mac" today.
Shorty Mac is the grill cheese older much hotter older brother who you wish you had met first.  Beef short ribs and mac and cheese nuzzled between two perfectly grilled slices of white bread. The 1st bite was heavenly.  The mac and cheese was mos def mom approved and the slow roasted beef was moist and tender.
The menu had a few items featuring house made kimchi(most often a fermented spicy Korean dish made of vegetables with varied seasonings. My husband opted for the cheese steak topped with kimchi and although he claimed not to be hungry he wiped it out in about 5 minutes.  

We've visited H-townstreats many times before and would suggest you follow them on twitter or facebook. They update often and most often let you know where and when to find them the next day.  Also, Morgan the new girl is very nice. Tell her Hi. 

Happy Eating
H-town Hungry Girl.

PS..Tomorrow is actually my favorite new holiday! Food Truck Friday. They are all awesome so check one out. I know I plan too and you can be sure to read all about it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hungry Girl In The City

That's Me! A perpetually hungry girl(women) living in the big city. I live and work in Houston and this blog is all about the food I find in the city. I travel allot and make food a keep part of all my trips. I try to include one destination eatery in my plans.  I love all this FOOD TRUCKS and will most likely talk about my favorites often.   BUT I will talk about average everyday this too like today I had the best most soul satisfying smoothie ever. It  may have had something to do with the 103degree weather here or that it was just good.  My husband says people will eat anything if you put McDonalds on it. Maybe? Maybe Not? I just know it the perfect smooth creamy texture of fruit and ice. Its only a couple bucks and it help me beat that I think I'm about to pass out feeling I was getting from walking around the zoo in 100 degree weather.  Also since I got the loyalty badge on Foursquare thanks to my daughters love a nuggets I had earned a free small smoothie.
I'm not a food snob I will review everything and all types of food.  It just so happens I had a tasty mango pineapple smoothie today.  I say if you have not tried one beat the heat and swing into you local MickyDs and grab yourself a frosty treat.

Happy Eating
Houston's Hungry Girl