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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Me and Julio down by the schoolyard....

I started a new job (well same job new place). It has me busy beyond belief.  I apologize for the delay in posting.
In my running back and forth to work and home I did manage to stop a random place with would have never even been on my radar.  I went to a teacher supply store after work and it was in the next strip mall off I-10.   The place was not so random.
 I was thinking I would just grab a couple taco's call it a night but Julio had other plans.  Its a pretty unpretentious place. Simple and Clean. The staff is friendly and helpful. The FOOD is reasonable, plentiful, and divine.  After some checking I found out they are a chain but its didn't feel like a chain.
  I had the steak and chicken fajitas with a mound of cheese and avocado in the center.   

 it came with grilled onion and peppers

 My husband opted for the torta.

Oh and they have breakfast and specials! Awesome Specials!

 If you are on the east side of town check them out.

At 11023 East Freeway, 77029....with 6 other locations throughout the city.

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