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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Berry Bubble and A Bra

The Hotel ZaZa Berry Bubble...Can you see the fruit essence hangout at the bottom.  The Best Part!

I was invited by a friend to attend a bra fitting for Wacoal.  Being a "busty" girl I said yes,. I know most women wear the wrong side and out boobies are constantly growing so what the hay. (TRUST ME THE FOOD IS COMING)
So, the night of the event was the 2nd night on my new job and I show up STARVED. My friend was running late and since I'm not shy I went into the event solo. My some really nice people and while I waited to be fitted I cruised the buffet.
I was offered a cocktail 1st a wonderful combination of I believe fruit puree and champagne.
I went for the tomatoes dusted with salt and heavy pepper 
Next came the cheese. I have a cheese problem so I had some of it all and I am that person that will scoop up all the garnish. So I attacked that back corner of pecans.
I added toast and flat bread for the spreadable cheese. 
Next, I opted to pass on the veggies. It was fill that didn't add anything. But the serving style was very cute. 
Veggie Shooters with Ranch. Cute but Pass!

And yes I scooped up more than my fair share of strawberries but hey a room of fashion bloggers I figured that all were on some type of diet and I wanted to eat. 
Everything was so good and perfect after work pick me up

**** Food Stops Here from here on its all Undergarments and Girl Power****

I haven't been fitted for a bra in at least 5 years, 1 wedding, 2 kids, and at least 15 pounds.  So I was excited to get my fitting.  The company hosted the event at Hotel ZaZa in the Rock Star Room. I've never been to ZaZa but Wacoal could not have picked a better place. It was a two bedroom suite and I would give up meat to have that bed (for a week) 

My Fitters were knowledgeable and very sweet. I was very comfortable especially considering they were messing with the twins.  I really enjoyed the fitting until I found out my size.  I'm a size ridiculous and who packs those around everyday.  

I caught her off guard and snapped a pic. She is the best and that is the SIZE Zexy bra I picked out. (its not a typo I'm damn near in a Z-cup)
I am super HOT in this bra and can't wait to get it.  I own the awareness bra and even in the wrong size its a fave. 

I'm psyched to try these. I plan to attend Fit for the Cure in Houston to pick some up. These some aloe,coffee, etc. build into the fabric to help smooth the appearance of those lumps and bumps. Who could have a problem with that. 

There was much Lycra and lace 

This summed up the night. I felt loved by this company and I learned a lot from women I didn't know and didn't have much in common with other than our underwear.  I plan to go to Fit for the Cure this month. Its a great what to get fitted for free and do something good. For every fitting $2 go to Susan G Komen for Breast Cancer research and support of women everywhere. When you purchase after your fitting the money stays local and $2 more goes to Komen.  Find a Fit for the Cure Event near you click here.

Stay Hungry Houston
Htown Hungry Girl

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