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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Someone needs to be Fired@ Wing Fire Grill

I'm the type of person who will not say anything bad about someone else publicly. Even if I really don't care for them I tend to internalize things.  You really have to piss me off to make me get vocal with you or about you (read McDonalds their a roach in my drink) Even the smoothie disaster didn't induce me to go off I just won't go back.
Today, we stopped at WingFireGrill. They were parked at little Woodrow's in Midtown. Ive been wanting to try them for awhile now thinking I would have a new wing place. I WAS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.
1-the staff was bothered by our presence.
in today's economy can you really afford to be rude to paying customers?
2-They were not open to questions about the menu
read explanation one.
*At this point I would be put off and walk away but my hubby doesn't like scenes so I simmered down
3-Their food was served slow and lacking flavor
My Asian wings should be called Canadian considering they were quite bland and lacking any flavor.
(no knock to Canada but you get my drift)
The fried corn my hubby wanted was greasy and turned me off.

Im not sure what was more of a turn off the service or the food. Strike that Im sure it was the food. I've put up with some rude sister for good food.(Frenchy's) But your rude and your food is nasty not good.
Don't think I will give them a second shot. Total waste of money.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Ecstacy

I am not one of those people those people that gets extra hyped for my birthday. I generally love simple celebrations of the day I was born.  Cake is generally the most important aspect. Really good cake no fancy but good.

This year I turn 36. Not really a big birthday in terms of milestones but for some reason I wanted to celebrate the entire week. I have magically morphed into one of those people. The people who take off work and party the entire month. I planned to get the festivities started a week early (baby steps).

Birthday Ecstasy for a foodie. I couldn't think of anything better than a "Miracle Berry" tasting.
Miracle berries promises to send me on a "flavor trip" turning foods into super sweet versions of themselves. ALL foods even normally sour lemon, spicy hot sauce, and tangy vinegar become tasty sweet treats.
The tasting will be at the Antique Bar on Bissonnet. Will let you know how it goes for sure. 

I also by to be there for Reserve 101's tasting Tuesday. Which falls on my actual birthday! The have created (in my honor in my mind) an aged mix cocktail and plan to crack open the barrel for tasting. I'm so there. You can be there, too. Visit their website and reserve your spot.
This should be awesome!!!! Hope to see you there. 

Below is the stuff that I didn't to kick off my week. I posted the events that are coming up first. 

How I Kicked off the Week
I started planning months in advance.  I picked up a ticket to go to Shecky's Girls Night Out.
An event planned for women old that includes free drinks, mini makeovers, shopping, and a stuffed gift bag. I went SOLO. None of the folks I asked to go could and I had no plans to miss out so I went alone.  First, I can see the appeal of coming to this type of event with at least one girlfriend but I managed to have an awesome time with me. I met some amazing folks standing in the line to get my makeup done. They had great vendors and taste "FREE" drinks that flowed all night.  I also ran into a great old friend who I lost contact with and she pulled me on to my next outing. Karaoke!!!!

I don't go out much have two kids but my wonderful hubby was cool with it so I beat it to Drink Houston.
Located right off I-10 and Silber it is 3 different clubs in one.  After many, many birthday shots (Juicy P was my favorite) I was having a ball and tempted to sing. Tempted but I have a voice that is akin to a sack of wet angry cats.  Good times were had and I will be back.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

BBQ Wars...and the winner is

Triple J's Smokehouse 

If you a ask 5 people in Houston where to find the best Bar B Que you will most likely get 12 different answers. Most folks from here, well Texas, believe they are experts on the subject. We all have a preference, including me.  I love the trailer off of MLK and Griggs. He makes some of the best homemade sausage I have ever smelled forget eaten.  I can get full just smelling it. Which funny enough is what I would do leaving work driving down MLK I would roll down my window just before Griggs to try and catch a whiff if I could smell the sausage I knew he was cooking and I should make that right turn.  No smell keep it moving.  Everything else he does is pretty good too. But, yes their is a but, hands down if I want BBQ without the guess work I beat it to the north side of Houston to Triple J's SmokeHouse.   I really can't believe I worked in this neighborhood beginning last year and went almost 6month without trying this place.  I was mad with me for quite a while once a friend at work dragged me here.
There's a really nice man out front selling fruit. Buy some its local. He grows it &will pack it to the car for you.

I love my BBQ without sauce it just gets in my way. I want to taste the meat and only the meat. The beef flavor here makes me giddy with joy. Its so good I tend to do a little happy dance in my seat.  There's no weird after taste. Its not overloaded with seasoning. It's in  a word Perfect. YEAH I SAID PERFECT!!! I almost always get the exact same order here. A chopped beef sandwich.

I had a sandwich from a chain BBQ place a week before eating here mostly fat. The brothers at Triple J's have never, not once, giving me a sandwich consisting of inedible fat.  They trim and chop it right in front of you so there is no question about what they are chopping.  
My other favorite here is a stuffed potato called the Big J. It comes loaded with the addition of all the meats (ALL THE MEATS BEEF,SAUSAGE,AND A RIB). Its slightly ridiculous but oh so good.  Its really enough to feed a family of 4. 

The other stand out on their menu has to be for me the CAKE!!! Homemade moist perfection.  
The have a few different types of cake. I prefer the basic. Plain white cake with white icing. It reminds me of my best birthday cake.  Clean and simple but lots of fun. I'm pretty sure it what I want for my birthday cake this year.  *Hint Hint* to those that can make it happen.  

I love this place. Its beyond affordable. You can eat like a king and have a daiquiri to go for under 20bucks.  

The menu and one of the J's 

My husbands favorite (sliced beef with sauce)

Find Triple J's at
6715 Homestead Road
Houston, TX 77028-5046
(713) 635-6381

and they are now on Facebook (like them I do)

Come Hungry Houston

H-town Hungry Girl

Monday, September 12, 2011

Food Gods Descend on Houston....

OK not Gods exactly but the Cooking Channel is coming to Houston .  They will be at Canino Produce from  11-4pm dishing out FREE cool treats courtesy of Good Pops.

You can track the truck to see when they will be in your part of the country. CLICK HERE.

Stay Hungry Houston and Cool with Free Treats
Htown Hungry Girl

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Food Truck Friday! 7 in 1 shot...

Have you ever read the fairy tale call the Brave Little Tailor, it is on of my favorites.  It basically involves a tailor who kills 7 flies with one blow. He makes a belt that proclaims the glory of the deed reading "Seven at One Blow". It is misunderstood by those reading it and fear of the little tailor ensues. Throughout the remainder of the story he uses cleverness to trick a host of characters into thinking he really did kill 7men with one blow.
Well, the crafty folks at Noel Furniture (59South at Kirby) have managed to bring us 7 Food Trucks in one blow.  They are hosting a Food Truck Court this Friday 9Sept11 from 11a-1p.  The participating trucks include some old favorites like Eatsie Boys and some I've never heard of like The Lunch Bag. I'm super excited about this food court and plan to be there in full effect. Houston weather has been kind since the month started and I'm ready to hang out and sample whats there. So let's be like the Brave Little Tailor and go out into the food world and strike 7 in one blow.

Here are all the details:

Noel Furniture2727 Southwest Freeway 

HoustonTX 77098

(Kirby Exit on East side of Frwy)



Friday, September 09, 2011 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (CT)

Trucks Attending
Eatsie Boys,Oh My Gogi's, Hit 'N Run, Good Dog Hot Dogs, The Lunch Bag, Juice Girl, and  Frosted Betty

Food Truck Chaser Tip
Bring Cash. A lot take cards but CASH is king.

Click Here to Go to Noel's Food Truck page

Come Hungry Houston
Hungry Girl

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When the Hungry Girl Cooks or Southern Style Breakfast of Champions

I know it may not seem like it but I do cook. On occasion. This morning I was feeling real Southern or kinda country depending on your perspective.  My daughter woke up asking for (demanding she's 3) pancakes so being a wonderful mom I obliged.  I didn't just make pancakes however, I went all out and made cheese grits, fried fish, chicken sausage, and eggs for my husband.
My mom makes fish and girts on special morning. Its not an everyday dish so I'm not sure why I cooked it up this morning. I must have been feeling special having had the first full night of sleep in two weeks. My entire house has passed the flu on one to the other and finally to me. We are all feeling better now so a big breakfast was in order.
I would share the receipt but there really isn't anything major to share.  Luckily we had mix for the pancakes because from starch was not happening this morning.

*My husband picked this mix up it was cheap but good. I'm a food snob would have never purchased*

 Ive been making grits since forever and always do it the same but I didn't use anything special.  Quaker 5min. grits. Same as my Mom perfect every time.

The fish I get the big bag of individually wrapped tilapia from Costo. They are perfect since you only use what you need. I slipped the frozen packets in a bowl of water for 5mins and they were ready to fry. Seasoned with just salt and pepper and a light dusting of flour. 
The finished plate!!!! Yum-O!

Yes, I used paper because I didn't want to wash more dishes. I'm a lazy cook. I forgot to turn on the chicken sausage in the over. I had a little help in the kitchen from a 3yr old budding chef and I was too busy trying to keep the mess to a minimum.  I still made it and my husband ate them. They are from Costo too(love that store if you haven't guessed yet.)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

When the Hungry Girl gets Thirsty

I am by no stretch of the imagination a drinker and when I was checking my twitter timeline and see a tweet for a free tasting posted by  @HtownCheapEat for a free tasting downtown I kept it moving. (YOU REALLY SHOULD FOLLOW THEM IF YOU ARE NOT OR CHECK THEIR SITE  
( ) 

After look at the timeline again and think well it sounds interesting....maybe...let me check it out..

Next thing I know I'm registering for the Tuesday Tasting at Reserve 101  Whiskey Bar

Reserve 101 is a hip take on old school whiskey bar. Its bright well lit and the bar is well stocked. I learned that they host these weekly tasting with a host of different liquors.  

We had the pleasure of being there for the Flor de Cana's  4yr, 7yr, and 12yr Rum tasting.  

4 yr old.  Burned my chest. Felt like I was breathing fire. It was good but is so not for shots in my opinion. Needs a mixer. I purchased a Coke and wiped it out. 

Above is the 12yr. This was much smoother on my "light in the loafers" taste buds.  I was able to sip it down with no problem. Sweet and vanilla after taste. Love it. NO COKE NEEDED.

The Rums were all fairly reasonable. Nothing we tasted was over $30-35a bottle.   They do have 15yr and 21yr aged bottles that sadly we didn't get the opportunity to taste.

The tasting room behind the bar was not too crowded and would be perfect for a party! 
 The tasting last about an hour and half. It is really nice of the owner and we will be back. Check out their website at

After sipping we needed something to get me walking straight and walked over to Lucky Strike in the Houston Pavilions.  If you haven't made a happy hour here make plans to catch it.  So awesome!
Hubby decided on the sliders 1. goat cheese truffle oil and beef patty and 2. Salmon
Hanger Steak Jerk Skewers

Reserve 101 Bar Info:
1201 Caroline St @ Dallas Directly across from the House of Blues
Tasting Tuesdays Check out their Website for upcoming events.

Lucky Strike
1201 San Jacinto Street #321
Houston, TX 77002-6930
(713) 343-3300