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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Taking a Veggie Break

Before moving to Houston I had a pretty meat free diet. We ate tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood.  Since moving to Houston I have become a card carrying carnivore.  So I was a little perplexed one afternoon when I found myself standing on the corner of Wheeler and Dowling in front of a green food truck that served vegetarian food. What the heck was I doing here you may ask? Well, some pretty reliable sources told me the food was good even by meat eater standards.  I was doubtful but since I was in the area and hungry I figure, why not give them a shot. 

Side note: (Totally unrelated sidebar they are parked outside my Freshman Psych professors place and I ran into him and got to reminisce a bit. I had a good time in my 20s.)
The owners Mattie Merrell and Rodney Perry- are vegans and supporters of the raw food movement. Mattie explained while a looked over the menu that most of the customers aren’t even vegan.  Their menu has plenty to offer it’s pretty varied and easy for those wanting to try some meat free options.  My favorite had to the mango smoothie.  It was all mango and real fruit not something poured out of a carton, you could see the fruit chunks.  I also had the dill potato French fries which were ok. I didn’t hate them but I didn’t love them. They were good fries. I opted for the dirty burger as my main dish.  It was nothing like a Boca burger so don’t even picture that. This was clearly handmade in-house and topped with microgreens, cilantro, tomato, onions, and mustard served on a wheat bun. It was pretty soft in consistency but pretty good. I’m not saying that I plan to give up my meat habit but when I think it is time for a break I will make it a veggie break and return to Green Seed.
Their preferred location of Wheeler and Dowling in the heart of Third Ward most days except Monday when they are closed.  They have joined the Urban Harvest Green Market at City Hall on Wednesday but up to date information can be found on their Facebook or Twitter feeds.  Like most trucks it’s the best way to communicate. You can even text in you order to eliminate the wait.
Green Seed Vegan
2305 wheeler @Dowling
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 487-8346
Twitter @GreenSeedVegan

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