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Thursday, September 15, 2011

BBQ Wars...and the winner is

Triple J's Smokehouse 

If you a ask 5 people in Houston where to find the best Bar B Que you will most likely get 12 different answers. Most folks from here, well Texas, believe they are experts on the subject. We all have a preference, including me.  I love the trailer off of MLK and Griggs. He makes some of the best homemade sausage I have ever smelled forget eaten.  I can get full just smelling it. Which funny enough is what I would do leaving work driving down MLK I would roll down my window just before Griggs to try and catch a whiff if I could smell the sausage I knew he was cooking and I should make that right turn.  No smell keep it moving.  Everything else he does is pretty good too. But, yes their is a but, hands down if I want BBQ without the guess work I beat it to the north side of Houston to Triple J's SmokeHouse.   I really can't believe I worked in this neighborhood beginning last year and went almost 6month without trying this place.  I was mad with me for quite a while once a friend at work dragged me here.
There's a really nice man out front selling fruit. Buy some its local. He grows it &will pack it to the car for you.

I love my BBQ without sauce it just gets in my way. I want to taste the meat and only the meat. The beef flavor here makes me giddy with joy. Its so good I tend to do a little happy dance in my seat.  There's no weird after taste. Its not overloaded with seasoning. It's in  a word Perfect. YEAH I SAID PERFECT!!! I almost always get the exact same order here. A chopped beef sandwich.

I had a sandwich from a chain BBQ place a week before eating here mostly fat. The brothers at Triple J's have never, not once, giving me a sandwich consisting of inedible fat.  They trim and chop it right in front of you so there is no question about what they are chopping.  
My other favorite here is a stuffed potato called the Big J. It comes loaded with the addition of all the meats (ALL THE MEATS BEEF,SAUSAGE,AND A RIB). Its slightly ridiculous but oh so good.  Its really enough to feed a family of 4. 

The other stand out on their menu has to be for me the CAKE!!! Homemade moist perfection.  
The have a few different types of cake. I prefer the basic. Plain white cake with white icing. It reminds me of my best birthday cake.  Clean and simple but lots of fun. I'm pretty sure it what I want for my birthday cake this year.  *Hint Hint* to those that can make it happen.  

I love this place. Its beyond affordable. You can eat like a king and have a daiquiri to go for under 20bucks.  

The menu and one of the J's 

My husbands favorite (sliced beef with sauce)

Find Triple J's at
6715 Homestead Road
Houston, TX 77028-5046
(713) 635-6381

and they are now on Facebook (like them I do)

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