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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Someone needs to be Fired@ Wing Fire Grill

I'm the type of person who will not say anything bad about someone else publicly. Even if I really don't care for them I tend to internalize things.  You really have to piss me off to make me get vocal with you or about you (read McDonalds their a roach in my drink) Even the smoothie disaster didn't induce me to go off I just won't go back.
Today, we stopped at WingFireGrill. They were parked at little Woodrow's in Midtown. Ive been wanting to try them for awhile now thinking I would have a new wing place. I WAS SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.
1-the staff was bothered by our presence.
in today's economy can you really afford to be rude to paying customers?
2-They were not open to questions about the menu
read explanation one.
*At this point I would be put off and walk away but my hubby doesn't like scenes so I simmered down
3-Their food was served slow and lacking flavor
My Asian wings should be called Canadian considering they were quite bland and lacking any flavor.
(no knock to Canada but you get my drift)
The fried corn my hubby wanted was greasy and turned me off.

Im not sure what was more of a turn off the service or the food. Strike that Im sure it was the food. I've put up with some rude sister for good food.(Frenchy's) But your rude and your food is nasty not good.
Don't think I will give them a second shot. Total waste of money.



  1. You should tweet about their bad service.

  2. Dear Htown Hungry Girl, I am sorry you had a bad experience at my food truck. We at WingFire Grill really pride ourselves in serving great food with a smile. We have only been opened for a few short months and it has been struggle at times due to different variables including this economy.I am not sure who you had a run-in with but, being rude to people is not in our nature. We are a very loving, generous and family oriented organization. If you didn't like the food hey, you can't win them all. We have a great following from some very loyal customers who LOVE our food and we try to reciprocate that LOVE back to them by offering great food and generous portions for a reasonable price. I am curious if you were in a sit down restaurant and you were displeased with the service and the food would you have walked out and not say anything to someone or would you have complained to the manager.Yet, you did not say nothing to us about your negative experience and then go home and blog about it and spread hate seems a little cowardly to me. I think if i would have paid for something and I was not happy with the food I would let the owner of that establishment know about it, so that they can correct that behavior or maybe try to redeem themselves but, of course maybe your perfect, maybe you have never had a bad day. Again, I am sorry for the terrible experience you described in your blog. I would hope that you would give us another chance on the house of course but, if not, we understand. GOD Bless in your future endeavours.

  3. Well your response is making me relive that experience all over again. Its backhanded to say the least. i haven't liked a lot of meals but I was really put off by the attitude. To call me a coward is petty Your staff/family whatever sucked. You were not busy so no reason for me to get burnt food that tasted re-fried and bland. I am not spreading hate just my opinion of my experience. You staff did not make me feel comfortable with saying anything, THE PROBLEM WAS THEIR ATTITUDE(I CAN USE CAPS TOO)
    That being said I also use yelp,b4youeat,twitter,facebook, write about my experiences good or bad at various places. It is the way of the world and since I was a restaurant manager I know for a fact that all people do not complain to you directly but they will tell at least 10 people about their experiences so you have to do you best at all times. You have a good day and when you interact with anyone try to leave you worries at home and put your best foot/face forward.

  4. I'm sorry but @WingFire Grill...when did NOT complaining to a manager make one a coward?

    Judging from your response, business practices and managerial etiquette are not high on the company's priority list:(

    Your response to a patron who had a bad experience is very disappointing.

    If I have a bad experience, I don't always complain. I just don't go back. That doesn't mean that I don't have the liberty to share my opinion with others. That's what "word of mouth" means.

    Hopefully you won't attack every other person who doesn't love your wings...that's bad business.