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Thursday, September 1, 2011

When the Hungry Girl gets Thirsty

I am by no stretch of the imagination a drinker and when I was checking my twitter timeline and see a tweet for a free tasting posted by  @HtownCheapEat for a free tasting downtown I kept it moving. (YOU REALLY SHOULD FOLLOW THEM IF YOU ARE NOT OR CHECK THEIR SITE  
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After look at the timeline again and think well it sounds interesting....maybe...let me check it out..

Next thing I know I'm registering for the Tuesday Tasting at Reserve 101  Whiskey Bar

Reserve 101 is a hip take on old school whiskey bar. Its bright well lit and the bar is well stocked. I learned that they host these weekly tasting with a host of different liquors.  

We had the pleasure of being there for the Flor de Cana's  4yr, 7yr, and 12yr Rum tasting.  

4 yr old.  Burned my chest. Felt like I was breathing fire. It was good but is so not for shots in my opinion. Needs a mixer. I purchased a Coke and wiped it out. 

Above is the 12yr. This was much smoother on my "light in the loafers" taste buds.  I was able to sip it down with no problem. Sweet and vanilla after taste. Love it. NO COKE NEEDED.

The Rums were all fairly reasonable. Nothing we tasted was over $30-35a bottle.   They do have 15yr and 21yr aged bottles that sadly we didn't get the opportunity to taste.

The tasting room behind the bar was not too crowded and would be perfect for a party! 
 The tasting last about an hour and half. It is really nice of the owner and we will be back. Check out their website at

After sipping we needed something to get me walking straight and walked over to Lucky Strike in the Houston Pavilions.  If you haven't made a happy hour here make plans to catch it.  So awesome!
Hubby decided on the sliders 1. goat cheese truffle oil and beef patty and 2. Salmon
Hanger Steak Jerk Skewers

Reserve 101 Bar Info:
1201 Caroline St @ Dallas Directly across from the House of Blues
Tasting Tuesdays Check out their Website for upcoming events.

Lucky Strike
1201 San Jacinto Street #321
Houston, TX 77002-6930
(713) 343-3300

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