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Friday, September 16, 2011

Birthday Ecstacy

I am not one of those people those people that gets extra hyped for my birthday. I generally love simple celebrations of the day I was born.  Cake is generally the most important aspect. Really good cake no fancy but good.

This year I turn 36. Not really a big birthday in terms of milestones but for some reason I wanted to celebrate the entire week. I have magically morphed into one of those people. The people who take off work and party the entire month. I planned to get the festivities started a week early (baby steps).

Birthday Ecstasy for a foodie. I couldn't think of anything better than a "Miracle Berry" tasting.
Miracle berries promises to send me on a "flavor trip" turning foods into super sweet versions of themselves. ALL foods even normally sour lemon, spicy hot sauce, and tangy vinegar become tasty sweet treats.
The tasting will be at the Antique Bar on Bissonnet. Will let you know how it goes for sure. 

I also by to be there for Reserve 101's tasting Tuesday. Which falls on my actual birthday! The have created (in my honor in my mind) an aged mix cocktail and plan to crack open the barrel for tasting. I'm so there. You can be there, too. Visit their website and reserve your spot.
This should be awesome!!!! Hope to see you there. 

Below is the stuff that I didn't to kick off my week. I posted the events that are coming up first. 

How I Kicked off the Week
I started planning months in advance.  I picked up a ticket to go to Shecky's Girls Night Out.
An event planned for women old that includes free drinks, mini makeovers, shopping, and a stuffed gift bag. I went SOLO. None of the folks I asked to go could and I had no plans to miss out so I went alone.  First, I can see the appeal of coming to this type of event with at least one girlfriend but I managed to have an awesome time with me. I met some amazing folks standing in the line to get my makeup done. They had great vendors and taste "FREE" drinks that flowed all night.  I also ran into a great old friend who I lost contact with and she pulled me on to my next outing. Karaoke!!!!

I don't go out much have two kids but my wonderful hubby was cool with it so I beat it to Drink Houston.
Located right off I-10 and Silber it is 3 different clubs in one.  After many, many birthday shots (Juicy P was my favorite) I was having a ball and tempted to sing. Tempted but I have a voice that is akin to a sack of wet angry cats.  Good times were had and I will be back.

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