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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

When the Hungry Girl Cooks or Southern Style Breakfast of Champions

I know it may not seem like it but I do cook. On occasion. This morning I was feeling real Southern or kinda country depending on your perspective.  My daughter woke up asking for (demanding she's 3) pancakes so being a wonderful mom I obliged.  I didn't just make pancakes however, I went all out and made cheese grits, fried fish, chicken sausage, and eggs for my husband.
My mom makes fish and girts on special morning. Its not an everyday dish so I'm not sure why I cooked it up this morning. I must have been feeling special having had the first full night of sleep in two weeks. My entire house has passed the flu on one to the other and finally to me. We are all feeling better now so a big breakfast was in order.
I would share the receipt but there really isn't anything major to share.  Luckily we had mix for the pancakes because from starch was not happening this morning.

*My husband picked this mix up it was cheap but good. I'm a food snob would have never purchased*

 Ive been making grits since forever and always do it the same but I didn't use anything special.  Quaker 5min. grits. Same as my Mom perfect every time.

The fish I get the big bag of individually wrapped tilapia from Costo. They are perfect since you only use what you need. I slipped the frozen packets in a bowl of water for 5mins and they were ready to fry. Seasoned with just salt and pepper and a light dusting of flour. 
The finished plate!!!! Yum-O!

Yes, I used paper because I didn't want to wash more dishes. I'm a lazy cook. I forgot to turn on the chicken sausage in the over. I had a little help in the kitchen from a 3yr old budding chef and I was too busy trying to keep the mess to a minimum.  I still made it and my husband ate them. They are from Costo too(love that store if you haven't guessed yet.)

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