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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eating for the Cause...

Every year the Houston restaurant community gives back a portion of their profits to the Houston Food Bank. What was originally one week now goes on  the entire month of August. What does that mean for us. Well, it means you can get a gourmet meal for $20 at lunch and $35 at dinner at some of Houston best eateries.  I don't mean ok nice places. I mean places we drive drive by and can only imagine with wild creation their James Beard award winning chefs are creating. My educators salary generally doesn't allow for that kind of meal until a ultimate celebration.  Its the month foodies on a budget like myself wait for. Alright, lets face it, it is my Christmas. I can open restaurant after restaurant and get the gifts that keep on giving. Not just to me other people who cannot afford a decent meal.
So, please check out the website. Stroll the menus of the list of participants all over the city and surrounding areas.
I have my pick all lined up for my monthly date night meal. All I can say is Manchego Cheese! Yum-O!

Check out the site here:

You can even make reservations online.

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