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Friday, August 5, 2011

New Foodie Holiday- FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY.

Did you ever wonder how holidays get started. Today, its mostly marketing and sales driven. I decided from a completely unselfish place. I'm not making anything from it and its a satisfying experience for all involved to make every Friday, Food Truck Friday!
What that this ingenious holiday involve? What are the traditions? What are the requirements? You're asking yourself. Well its simple:

1. You have to follow a new food truck on Facebook or Twitter
It really is the best way to keep up with these mobile food mavens.

2. Visit you new find 
If not them one of their friends(all the Houston Trucks are super friendly with each other)

3. Chow Down on something new.

4. Share the good news
Blog, Facebook and tweet about your new mobile treat.

5. Follow HTownFoodCrawl on Twitter 
They host the original Food Truck Friday event every 4th Friday. 
Its 4 trucks at one location. Cant beat it.  Check out the website for more details.

Too kick off the First Ever Celebration I would like to share my Friday Treat

Rolling Hunger(Sounds perfect for me)
They are a cross cultural Vietnamese/Korean American Tex-Mex mix of culinary delights. These guys are pushing a bright orange truck with blue flames. Putting out all kinds of taste bud tingling treats.
For lunch today I had the super tender short ribs and my honey-do had the Korean beef tacos with a side of herbed seasoned truffle fries. 
Lets start with my RIBS. I'm a rib fanatic fan and these did not disappoint. Well marinated with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on a bed of lettuce with a couple pieces of french bread. I personally would rather forgo the garnish and head straight for the meat but it was a pretty nice presentation. The bread soaked up some of the juice from the ribs which was a tasty side treat.

(notice the juicy goodness pooled in the back of the picture perfect for sopping up with the bread)

So my honey had the beef tacos topped with Korean slaw.
 (his words follow not mine).  
The tart fresh slaw balanced out the savory of the beef. (oh so posh, right?)

And last but certainly not least the Truffle Fries. It was a generous helping of potatoes covered in truffle oil and herbs and seasoning. They were the yummy surprise. Perfectly fried, nice and hot, and crispy.   Our daughter ending up eating the most stalking off with the basket completely ignoring her own carefully prepared well balanced lunch. Oh Well, the kid knows good food when she sees it. 
IF, you haven't already give Rolling Hunger a try (you better yeah I said better while rolling my eyes and neck in unison).  
The guys are super nice and always willing to please.  Most weekdays they are at Dirk's Coffee for lunch around 11-1ish and "rolling" for dinner but the website or twitter is updates with their location. The website has GPS so you can find them always.GPS. Too Cool.  I love technology....Anyway check these guys out tell them Hi for me and chow down on come good eats.

Check out their web page:

Find them on Twitter (they follow and will tweet you back)

Like them on Facebook

Stay Hunger and Happy Eating
Houston's Hungry Girl

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