HUNGER: One of the few cravings that cannot be appeased with another solution.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hungry Girl In The City

That's Me! A perpetually hungry girl(women) living in the big city. I live and work in Houston and this blog is all about the food I find in the city. I travel allot and make food a keep part of all my trips. I try to include one destination eatery in my plans.  I love all this FOOD TRUCKS and will most likely talk about my favorites often.   BUT I will talk about average everyday this too like today I had the best most soul satisfying smoothie ever. It  may have had something to do with the 103degree weather here or that it was just good.  My husband says people will eat anything if you put McDonalds on it. Maybe? Maybe Not? I just know it the perfect smooth creamy texture of fruit and ice. Its only a couple bucks and it help me beat that I think I'm about to pass out feeling I was getting from walking around the zoo in 100 degree weather.  Also since I got the loyalty badge on Foursquare thanks to my daughters love a nuggets I had earned a free small smoothie.
I'm not a food snob I will review everything and all types of food.  It just so happens I had a tasty mango pineapple smoothie today.  I say if you have not tried one beat the heat and swing into you local MickyDs and grab yourself a frosty treat.

Happy Eating
Houston's Hungry Girl

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