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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Food Truck Friday @ Bernie's Burger Bus with a Cupcake Surprise

This Friday the featured truck is: Bernie's Burger Bus. (They were down for various reasons but we are so glad to welcome them back)

This is not my 1st trip to Bernie's.  They are a favorite but Ive been trying to spread the love around. This Friday I was feeling like unsure about what to eat. A number of my faves were in the area but nothing was jumping out at me. A quick recheck of twitter put Bernie's in my radar and activated my memory taste buds.  So I hopped on  over to  Sugarbabies.
Bernie's was suppose to be at Inversion but they are have generator issues and the bake shop allows them to plug into their power(SWEET) its a pretty fair exchange. Most in line with me went from ordering burgers to getting a cupcake.Me too. It had a lot to do with the $1.50 cupcake offer for buying a burger.  Super Sweet. I was planning on  getting a cupcake but since I was getting 1/2 off I got two.

Let me not rush it. The Burgers:
They all have school related with names like
The Principal,The Substitute,Detention,Recess...

1st for my husband who eats everything-I ordered The Substitute
Grass fed Angus with the usual dressing joined by bacon,burgundy laced mushrooms, "tipsy" caramelized onion.  Yeah! A whole lot. Just the right amount of sloppiness. Good chewy bun that held up on the car ride home and absorbed the juices.

For myself I thought I would be cute and get a couple sliders "The Kindergartners"
Two mini applewood bacon and blue cheese burgers with "tipsy" onions. Not so cute more like a greedy girls idea of perfection were the fries. I was undecided when I got to the window and Dexter( friendly order taker in a cool pork pie hat) talked me into the "Extra Curricular Activities"(side of) Blue Cheese and Bacon Fries. Thank You sweet baby Jesus. No more info needed.
So after Dex got my order he slipped me a golden ticket. Actually the coupon he gave everybody for a discount cupcake. I know of Sugarbaby's but I am a die hard Dessert Gallery patron but hey a buck and half I would get something.
So I walked into the ultra girly confection shop. Its decor is Pepto pink with black and white accents.  The cupcakes look like they were crafted by Wille Wonka's kid sister(if he had one)
I was unmoved. You've seen one cupcake you've seen them all. 
But then, the heavens opens up and the angels began to sing again in 5mins. 
I saw this:
Three Broomsticks Butterbeer Cupcakes! What? 
If you love Harry Potter you know what this is all about. If you don't get the books and get reading. 
(FYI-Butterbeer is Wizard's food that warms the insides)
These cupcakes deserve the name. I was warmed inside out after the 1st bite. So good and here for a limited time. 
*I got my husband a Red Velvet cupcake he says it was the best he's had. I ate the chocolate cover cherry topper while he wasn't looking. 

I sat in the store and waited under 5-10mins and Bernie's delivered the burgers to me inside. 

So to sum it all up. 

Bernie's is  burger perfection. Never pass up the chance to get one. 
Find them roaming around town. OR
Twitter: @BerniesBurgers
Location: You have to track them down
Sugarbaby's is a good sweet treat with a friendly cute store
Cost : $3.25 per cupcake ( its avg. for Houston)

Find them at:3310 S.Shepherd between Richmond and Alabama (Close Sun&Mon)
Twitter: @sugarbabys

Happy Eating
Hungry Girl

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