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Saturday, August 13, 2011

The lunch that almost killed me!

Okay, so its obviously clear I love, love , love a good food truck. Today I felt like I was in the lost foodie episode of the Twilight Zone.  Things just keep getting curiouser, and curiouser.
I'm at a "power" meeting at Houston Area Urban League and talk another young professional into going to enjoy my weekly food truck indulgence. 
1st I take the long way down Westheimer instead of hopping on the freeway.(sat afternoon=parking lot)
2nd I pass the place, park behind Bo Concept per directions and still almost get towed
3rd They were out of Shrimp (I always go for the Shrimp so disappointing)

How? What? Who does that? Where do they do that!

Oh so I'm hungry..Almost borderline starving. 

I'm chit chatting with my friend not really paying attention playing with our phones, talking pageants(she's a pageant girl), and gossiping.  Then it happened. A single bead of sweat rolled down my neck. Time check(15mins). Two more beads of sweat roll down my face. Time check (25mins). Guy walks up and says we are out of propane, huh? Then I was in a bad Charlie Brown episode because all I heard was 10 minutes Wonk Wonk Wonk Wonk...cold grease...wonk Wonk Wonk wonk...More Waiting...wonk wonk wonk...Its    hundred degrees..Wonk wonk wonk wonk...YOUR FOOD IS FREE...Back to your regular schedule program.
OK so what feels link 20-30mins later the food was ready....

This is not a bash post. I loved the Food. I'm still extra stuffed from it as I type as a matter of fact.  Like so stuffed I passed on a root beer float and its 3hours later.
So as I drive home I start seeing visions of French bread dance in my head. My stomach is crawling up to chock me and force me to open up the white butcher paper and take a bite of whatever is in the bag sitting in the seat next to me. I stopped at a red light and I tell you no lie my stomach demanded I open the paper and dig in. So amidst the symphony of honking horns (Gotta Love Houston) I took a little bite of fried goodness.
Would I say it was worth the wait(No but I thought I was dying,honest).Would I wait 15-20mins MAX, yes.
So, I'm sitting on the side of 59 in a food coma trying to resuscitate myself. Fight off my headache and not pass out from starvation and heat exposure.
OK, so what did I get: Spicy Sausage Po Boy  for me and Fried Catfish Po Boy for the husband both fully dressed. (Dressed=lettuce,tomato,pickles,mystery mayo sauce)
The sausage was thin sliced sort of breakfast patty style.
The catfish was well seasoned and fried just right.

No there are no pictures. I told you I was trying to revive myself. I gobbled it up like the wolf and little pig one and two. You know what a Po Boy looks like French Bread, fried goodness in the middle. It is important to note its larger than the usual suspects.

So where did this near death experience take place
Copper's Po-Boy's
Service: Good-would be great but I still feel a touch of heat stroke
Price- $6-9
twitter: PoBoy_Express
facebook: (plenty of pictures)

Bottom line except for the wait I liked it.

STAY HUNGRY Y'ALL(just don't fall out)
Hungry Girl

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