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Thursday, August 11, 2011

So much more at Beaucoup Bar and Grill...

Its no coincident that "beaucoup" means alot in French at Beaucoup Bar and Grill a whole lot of everything is what you get.  They have a New Orleans inspired menu that give you plenty of old favorites mixed in with surprising new treats.  I have been a fan of their wings since the original store on Elgin @ Scott. They have the normal wing flavor hot but then they kick it up a notch and offer more unique flavors. My personal favorite is Lemon Pepper. It has a sour/salty kick that once you eat one you just can't stop eating them. Truly addictive.   So on my recent visit this Sunday after church I picked up a few wings LemonPepper for me and Mild for my daughter. I also indulge in my other favorite menu item "THE CRAWFISH BREAD" . It deserves quotes like the title of a wonderful book. One you found in the stacks that turned out to be your all time favorite. I forgot to take a picture of it before dug in. I had actually consumed half 50% before it dawn on me take a picture (Some food blogger I am turning into).

It is heaven. The ultimate cheesy goodness experience.
My girlfriend Tiffany with me and I had to pull my fork on her to keep her off my plate. I had the Lemon Pepper wings but like I said I was 1/2 way through the meal when remembered to take a picture. Nobody wanted to see the bone yard that was my plate.
Other things to know
Happy hour is decent. 1/2 price wells. A really good margarita and great bartenders.
For non-drinkers the make fresh juice/lemonade blends that are 3 for $6 during happy hour
Location: Medical Center just past the intersection of Almeda on Old Spanish Trail.
The Feel: Casual
Cost: Reasonable


  1. We just started going to Beaucoup last week! We loved it! You have to try the stuffed bell pepper! Yummy!

    I had the fried tilapia and onion rings the last time I went but they needed salt on them!

    I do love they have so much to offer!

  2. And I agree about the crawfish was goooddd!