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Friday, August 19, 2011

My Friday Food Floop

I have nothing good to talk about in the way of food. I tried to visit some of my old faves but one thing or another keep me from getting the goods. It feels like we are living in Satan's living room here in Houston so the trucks are having heat related issues, propane issue, Houston traffic issues, etc.
I did have an AMAZING burger from Bernie's Burger Bus this week. It involved "PorkBelly" and was called study hall. It is only here for a limited time so check it out.
Our sitter cancelled so we had to make new arrangements on our dinner for Houston Restaurant Week but no fear our adult time date night is on for this Sat. We are going to a surprise party Saturday so maybe I will have some good food pictures and stories to share.
Here is the burger with porkbelly. Its is the business. 

Stay Hungry
Houston's Hungry Girl

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