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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Love that Chicken.....

Love that chicken at....................... Frenchy's. More specific the Frenchy's on Scott between Wheeler and Blodgett. There are several others in the city but this location for die hard fans like myself is wings and thighs above the other locations. Any other location it loses something. I don't know if its the attitude(stank) of the girls at the register or the wait because they are out of wings but the food just taste better. However, the one on Main Street does have it perks namely DRINKS. They have a full bar and sometimes you just need a drink. The Scott location is part nostalgia for me so if you are close to another location they are good but there's something about eating on Scott that takes me back to the early 90s. I lived in walking distance all through college and spent many a Friday night Freshman year walking to indulge in the salty goodness not to mention the fries with red seasoning salt. They have plenty of creole other favorites on the menu. Gumbo,Po Boys, Dirty Rice, Collar Greens,Etouffee,and Red Beans and Rice. Its all good but I stick to the fries with red salt..

Today was purely a happy coincident registering people to vote in the upcoming elections (amazingly I think about more than just food all day I'm civic minded also).  So in this 100 degree weather I was trying to get more people registered all the while dreaming of get 5wings with fries and a Dr.Pepper. My standard order.
So after serving mankind and all that I got in the impossibly perpetual line and got a perfect fried box of this:
If you look close at the golden deliciousness you will see tiny black specks. Those specks of pepper are part of the goodness that is this chicken.  Nestled in the corner is a small order of fries. When I was dieting(I know profanity) I would dream of this chicken. When I fell or jumped off the diet wagon this chicken was the first thing I ate.  It was my only request for my baby shower and I want it served at any event I host. 
Check out Frenchy's anyone close but you really should go with the original.  The line, attitude, and lack  of parking only stand to enhance the experience. Go in expecting it and you will be fine.  On weekends they do 10 wings for $10 and I'm all about the wings so it works for me.  If you like to party all night they are open late on weekends. You will thank me later.

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Happy Eating
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